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Itchy eyes

Why do my eyes feel itchy? Causes, symptoms, treatments.

Itchy eyes are often a response to an irritation caused by an allergen, or by the presence of a piece of dust or grit in the eye. Morag Lindsay, our eye health advisor, discusses the causes and additional symptoms of itchy eyes, and what treatments are available.


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  • John Wilkinson's photo avatar
    John Wilkinson — 07.12.2017 16:18
    Very itchy right eye lids and constant excess fluid loss. Also blurred vision giving me a feeling that there is a film over the eye.


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 08.12.2017 11:58
      Hello John, You could give the Eye Drops a go to see if they help ease your symptoms. However, I would recommend that you let the optician know and get this symptom checked out.


    • John Wilkinson's photo avatar
      John Wilkinson — 08.12.2017 12:57
      Many thanks. Kind Regards. John.


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