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Panic attacks can be a scary experience. In this hub, our mental wellbeing advisor, Marianna Kilburn, provides information and support for people prone to panic attacks, as well as tips on how to prevent them, and how to cope when one occurs. A Q&A service is also provided where Marianna answers your questions on panic attacks.


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  • anne's photo avatar
    anne — 19.06.2018 12:27
    i am having paick attacks at night


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 20.06.2018 07:52
      Hi Anne, Firstly, ensure that you are well hydrated with sufficient water, as being dehydrated causes palpitations, and if you are hot at night you can easily lose fluid through sweating (as heat can't escape under bedclothes as easily as it can when we are up) and become dehydrated. Keep your bedroom cool and your bedclothes light. Eat lightly in the evenings and ensure you have at least 3 hours between eating and sleeping. If the panic attacks persist then talk to your doctor about them. Best Wishes, Marianna


  • MARIA EUGENIA's photo avatar
    MARIA EUGENIA — 18.06.2018 20:30
    I am having a particularly difficult time in my life and I sincerely welcome some guidance. I strongly believe that we can tap into a great better self bt i am struggling right now, all seems more dificult, thanks


    • Marianna's photo avatar
      Marianna — 20.06.2018 07:52
      Hi Maria, I'm sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time at the moment. If you would like to contact me directly then there is a question box at the top right hand corner of the webpage, where you can give me more specific information. Best Wishes, Marianna


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Did you know?

Panic attacks do not always occur in busy, stressful situations – in fact, panic attacks at night are fairly common. This is because at night, worries and stress can overwhelm us as the mind tries to process the day’s events.

How to beat night-time panic attacks

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