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A.Vogel Talks Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a symptom which may arise as a result of a number of health conditions

Some foods can increase inflammation and discomfort, whilst others can actually reduce it and relieve pain. Discover which foods you should eat fewer of (some might surprise you) and what you should eat more of instead, when suffering from muscle & joint pain.

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  • sharan's photo avatar
    sharan — 03.07.2017 21:46
    bad pain in my lower back leg


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 04.07.2017 14:06
      Hello Sharon Do you know which of the many causes of this applies to you?


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Did you know?

Foods such as red meat and dairy products and drinks such as caffeine and alcohol can all trigger inflammation which can increase muscle and joint pain.

Worst foods for muscle & joint pain
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