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  • Ved Prakash shaw's photo avatar
    Ved Prakash shaw — 03.06.2018 13:18
    I m thin and pale aged 63 years, weight only 40 kg suffering from IBS and loss of appetite since 1975.Advise me aayurvedic treatment


    • alison's photo avatar
      alison — 04.06.2018 13:53
      Hello Ved As you have had this condition for so long it is advisable to see a practitioner for a face to face consultation. They will be able to find out why this has happened and offer you a personal treatment plan with support which is really important. If you are seeking Ayurvedic treatment I would suggest contacting apa.uk.com/find-a-practitioner for your nearest practitioner. Best Wishes Ali


  • Lisa's photo avatar
    Lisa — 21.05.2018 21:31
    I have recently been diagnosed as fructose intolerant. I also have been on a low carb diet for many years. Eating is not enjoyable and it is very hard to find foods that agree with my digestive system. Gas, bloating, and abdominal pain are a daily occurrence for me. Do you have any suggestions that may help?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 23.05.2018 08:38
      Hi Lisa, With your food intolerance (possibly multifactorial, given the length of time you've had problems) it might be best if you worked with a local practitioner who could monitor you through a treatment plan. If you go to www.bant.org.uk you can find your nearest practitioner. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Rachael Davis's photo avatar
    Rachael Davis — 20.08.2017 07:49
    Hi since reading about digestion, i do think dairy has a lot to do with my stomach, I think I suffer from ibs and or bloating. Would cutting out dairy make my bones suffer i.e. Lack of calcium?


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 21.08.2017 07:19
      Hi Rachael, excellent question. The short answer is no, so long as you take care with your diet. Bear in mind that osteoporosis (thin bones) is rampant in countries that eat heaps of dairy, so it's not just having lots of calcium that keeps your bones strong - you need food sources that also contain magnesium, to help you absorb the calcium. Go for nuts, dried fruits, green veg, and fish such as sardines (if you eat fish). Also, take 200-400 iu of vitamin D daily during the winter months. Do 10-20 minutes of exercise daily, to help strengthen your bones too. Having better digestion really helps your bones, as good levels of stomach acid improve calcium absorption, so if cutting out dairy makes your digestion better then your bones will definitely benefit. Best Wishes, Ali


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