A.Vogel Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

We recognise our customer's expectation that we carry out our business in an environmentally responsible manner. As our activities and operations can impact on the environment, either directly or indirectly, our aim is to minimise our impact through:

  • Improving internal efficiency.
  • Minimising production of process waste.
  • Minimising our use of natural resources.

It is the policy of A.Vogel Ltd to implement and maintain an effective environmental management system by:

  • Identifying and complying with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Identifying and implementing initiatives that will continually improve the company's environmental performance.
  • Using processes, materials and other operational controls to avoid, reduce and control the creation and emission of potential pollutants and waste.
  • Making efficient use of resources, materials and energy.
  • Involving staff in the improvement process and making them aware of their environmental contribution and responsibilities.
  • Promoting environmental principles throughout our supply chain.
  • Maintaining open communication links within the company, its customers and the general public with regard to environmental issues concerning our operations.
  • Providing a framework for setting and reviewing targets.


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