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Nasal congestion - that 'bunged up' feeling often accompanies a cold

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  • Richa Kumari's photo avatar
    Richa Kumari — 05.02.2018 17:53
    Hiii My problem is my nose is blocked by 24 hrs a day. But while doing some work or while walking one of my nose is going to be open & when I am in a sleeping poisture both of my nose will be blocked. Please help


    • Dr Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Dr Jen Tan — 06.02.2018 13:19
      Hello Richa, The most common reason for the symptom is inflammation in the tissues of your nasal passages. This can be triggered by a variety of factors - usually infection or an allergy. To help with this, we would recommend that you reduce or eliminate the amount of cow's milk and dairy produce (such as cheese or yoghurt) from your diet. In addition, you may benefit from using a herbal nasal decongestant. I hope the tips on this page are helpful. You could try the herbal remedy Plantago to ease congestion in the nose area. In some cases, the problem could arise because of a structural obstruction such as a nasal polyp or an abnormality in the way your nasal bones have developed in your face. The best person to advise you about this is an ENT surgeon. I hope this helps


  • raju's photo avatar
    raju — 19.11.2017 04:08
    Hi sir , I had an accident 11 years back.My nose got damaged by that time.Now I can't sleep properly . If turn left then only i'm able to sleep. otherwise after some time my both of the nostrils are blocking.because of that i'm getting snoring.Even in day time also its blocking once in every 2 Hrs.Please suggest me. Is it serious ? i'm facing this over the years.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 20.11.2017 01:41
      Hello Raju. I am sorry to hear that you have been so troubled with your nasal blockage. It is unlikely that the condition is life-threatening or serious, although I suspect that it causes great inconvenience. Damage to our nose 11 years ago might suggest that you know have a structural abnormality of your nasal bones and this could be one cause of your nasal symptoms. An ENT specialist will be the best person to consult and in the best position to help.


  • Oladejo Ismail's photo avatar
    Oladejo Ismail — 19.11.2017 01:26
    My one nose block in the night and affect the quality of my sleep daily. It most times disappear in the morning. Various drugs has not help.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 20.11.2017 01:41
      If medication has not helped your blocked nose, we would then be looking at the possibility of a physical cause such as nasal polyps or a structural defect of your nasal bones. To eliminate these causes, I would suggest you consult an ENT specialist.


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Pregnancy can make you more susceptible to a blocked nose. Hormonal changes can cause the delicate tissues of your nose to become inflamed, restricting the flow of air and causing you to experience a blocked nose.

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