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  • Annn McIntyre 's photo avatar
    Annn McIntyre — 20.12.2017 18:25
    I am struggling with a flu bug. Your comments are very helpful. I am an old lady of 88 and am often an insomniac now though when I am well, I eat and cook a lot.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 22.12.2017 08:45
      Hello Ann Sorry to hear you’re struggling with a bug and sleep issues too. One does affect the other, as it’s between 1 and 3am that your immune system is most active, so as well as some Echinacea, you may wish to consider our Dormeasan drops to improve the quality of your sleep. Get well soon


  • Ann I. McIntyre 's photo avatar
    Ann I. McIntyre — 20.12.2017 18:22


  • Ann I. McIntyre 's photo avatar
    Ann I. McIntyre — 20.12.2017 18:22


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Knee pain is pretty common while running, but it is also easy to prevent! Check your footfall when ...
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I have been cycling for several months now and I have developed a pain in my left hip. What could be causing this and how can I fix it?

Hip pain while cycling can occur through over-training or stiffness in the hip joints. Make sure ...
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Should I eat breakfast before running?

This depends on the length and intensity of the run, if you are running for under an hour generally ...
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