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Dry eyes

Why do my eyes feel dry? Causes, symptoms, treatments.

Dry Eye Syndrome, otherwise simply known as 'dry eyes', is a common complaint today as a result of air conditioning, contact lenses or staring at a computer for too long. Felicity Mann, our eye health advisor, explores the causes, additional symptoms and treatments of dry eyes.


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  • Ian Cunningham 's photo avatar
    Ian Cunningham — 01.01.2018 07:23
    I suffer for MND could this be a cause for my dry eyes because this condition affects your muscles


    • morag's photo avatar
      morag — 04.01.2018 09:14
      Hello Ian Unfortunately, I am unable to say if this is the case with your dry eyes, sorry. MND is a very complex condition so the best thing to do is ask your consultant if they are connected, they will be able to answer you fully. Sorry I can't help here.


  • Margaret  parker's photo avatar
    Margaret parker — 07.12.2017 06:59
    Can you wake up in the morning with baggy eyes not red but heavy eyes also with dry eyes


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 08.12.2017 11:18
      Hello Margaret, You could try A Vogel Eyedrops along with a supplement from a health food shop called Seabuckthorn oil capsules to aid dryness in the body in general and in the eye area. You could add an extra pillow to prop your head a little when in bed to see if it helps. Check that you are drinking plenty of plain water throughout the day, as dehydration can be an issue.


  • Mrs C Turner's photo avatar
    Mrs C Turner — 17.04.2017 12:41
    I sometimes shed tears (like crying), since I had cataracts removed. What is the cause?


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 18.04.2017 15:02
      Hello, I would let the consultant or optician know to check if symptoms are related to your operation or not. In the meantime, have a look at A Vogel Eye drops to help watery eyes.


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