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Here at A.Vogel Talks Enlarged Prostate, our enlarged prostate expert Dr. Jen Tan talks you through the ins and outs of the enlarged prostate. We aim to provide up to date information and research on the causes, symptoms and treatments of prostate enlargement, as well as recipes tailored towards a prostate-healthy diet and a Q&A service where you can ask all your prostate-related questions.

"Having been told by a consultant urologist some 30 years ago that I would at some stage require surgery, I am pleased to say that having used the saw palmetto capsules from that time he has (so far) been proved wrong!" James, UK

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  • rajagopal's photo avatar
    rajagopal — 16.08.2017 12:12
    what are the food recommended for enlarged prostrate and what all to be completely avoided? whether apple cidar vinegar and such items is permitted to consume?


    • Dr Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Dr Jen Tan — 16.08.2017 16:07
      Hello, Your diet can have a noticeable impact on your enlarged prostate symptoms, with some foods only adding to your discomfort and inflaming any irritation. Please see the link for two articles below where I discuss both good foods and worst foods for an enlarged prostate and what you can do to minimalise their impact on your symptoms. I am not aware of any problems with consuming apple cider vinegar and prostate issues, should you wish to try it. I hope this information is helpful to you.


  • Douglas's photo avatar
    Douglas — 31.07.2017 22:07
    Just for interest I am under a urologist. He arranged an operation(TURPS) in Feb 2005 which I cancelled because saw palmetto was taking affect. Ever since I have been taking 2 x 320 mg pr dy. My PSA has been 20 for the last 5 years! Symptoms have only got marginally worse - quite livable with! (Don't trouble to reply)


  • Anthony Healey's photo avatar
    Anthony Healey — 27.07.2017 10:27
    I have at present a catheter fitted due to severely reduced urine flow, a visit to my GP has been arranged.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 31.07.2017 10:30
      I am sorry to hear that you are in need of a catheter. In men with an enlarged prostate, this can sometimes be needed because of acute or chronic retention of urine and treatment of the underlying problem will have the aim of doing away with this inconvenience. I am sure that your GP will be able to give you more information on what the treatment plans are.


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Hi, I had a blood test a few weeks ago to check for prostate cancer, which came back as negative. Would this test tell me if I had an enlarged prostate?

No, blood tests are not part of the diagnosis for an enlarged prostate.
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I have an enlarged prostate. I take Saw Palmetto with other ingredients including zinc etc. Any other ideas please?

Zinc is a good supplement to take, as it is thought to benefit the prostate gland generally. You ...
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I have an enlarged prostate and have had a biopsy. All is ok but is there a herbal or other type of product I can take to reduce the size of my prostate?

If you have a diagnosis of enlarged prostate then you can take Prostasan Saw Palmetto capsules to ...
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BPH is a very common problem that increases the older men get, and around half of all men have an enlarged prostate by the age of 50. At the age of 80, this has risen to 80%

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