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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Types, causes, symptoms and complications of conjunctivitis

There are a number of types of conjunctivitis, or pink eye, each with different causes and variations in symptoms. Eye health advisor, Felicity Mann, talks you through the different types, their causes and symptoms, and what complications are associated with conjunctivitis.


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  • Paul's photo avatar
    Paul — 15.10.2017 11:08
    I have had a white stringy discharge coming from both eyes for over 20 years now could this be conjunctivitis?


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 16.10.2017 10:46
      Hi Paul, If you have had this problem for a long time. I suggest that you ask the optician or the doctor to check out symptoms to clarify this for you. We can see what the next step is in terms of treatment.


  • Mr Peter Blatchford 's photo avatar
    Mr Peter Blatchford — 03.10.2017 13:59
    Had this problem for quite awhile it comes and goes i can tell when it's coming first sign itchy eye syndrome as i refer to it !


    • Morag's photo avatar
      Morag — 04.10.2017 13:06
      Hello Peter have you had this symptom checked out recently by the optician or doctor?


  • Yvette Beattie's photo avatar
    Yvette Beattie — 30.04.2017 07:31
    My 8 mth has had conjunctivitis for two and a half weeks I have cleaned it and all nothing helps what else could I do his wee eyes are red and his wee eye balls are really red


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