Our expert's top picks for managing the menopause

  • Menoforce® Sage Tablets – licenced for hot flushes and night sweats
  • Menopause Support – a nutritional food supplement to help support your body through the menopause

A.Vogel’s Menopause expert, Eileen Durward, regularly recommends these two products to menopausal women. Menoforce® Sage tablets* help to relieve two of the most common symptoms: hot flushes and night sweats. Menopause Support tablets provide general nutritional support for women during this time of life – plus each daily dose contains 30% of your RDA of Magnesium, a vital mineral for helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

What you get:
1 x Menopause Support 60 tablets
1 x Menoforce® Sage 30 tablets

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Product reviews

Menopause Support

Customer rating:

25th September 2020

“Excellent as always as always helps with symptoms.”

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted that Menopause Support always helps with your symptoms.

Menopause Support

Customer rating:

24th September 2020

“Good advise and quick service”

Tracy Donnarumma

Response from A.Vogel: Lovely comments, thank you.

Menopause Support

Customer rating:

11th June 2020

“I have suffered since 3 years ago the menopause symptoms, taking me in a very bad dark place. Fortunately I found A Vogel, they saved me my life, I thought I was getting crazy but with Menopause support I am feeling better every day. Thank you for do the things very right.”

Julieta Castellanos

Response from A.Vogel: We are delighted to learn that Menopause Support appears to have helped you so very much.

Menopause Support

Customer rating:

11th June 2020

“Still early days as only on my second bottle, but I already feel they’re helping with my symptoms”

Response from A.Vogel: Pleased to know that you feel your symptoms are being helped.

Menopause Support

Customer rating:

2nd June 2020


Response from A.Vogel: Sorry to hear your parcel arrived damaged. Did you contact our Customer Care Dept 0800 085 0820 and let us know?

Here's what I recommend

As the A.Vogel Menopause expert, I recommend Menoforce® Sage tablets and Menopause Support to help you through this stage of your life

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Did you know?

You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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