A.Vogel Balance Mineral Drink with Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium and Calcium.

Top up your vitamin D intake

  • Contains 200iu of vitamin D3 per sachet
  • Easily absorbed essential nutrients
  • Helps release energy and reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Supports normal muscle function and bone maintenance
  • Provides magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and vitamin D
  • Lactose & gluten-free and suitable for vegans

Balance Mineral Drink is a daily drink that can help top up your intake of vitamin D and other essential nutrients including magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc.

  21 x 5.5g sachets (in stock) £ 19.99

  7 x 5.5g sachets (in stock) £ 7.25

Product reviews

Balance Mineral Drink

Customer rating:

14th September 2020

“Gives the pre-run boost needed for a great run”

Kate Mcmanus

Response from A.Vogel: Fantastic result.

Balance Mineral Drink

Customer rating:

15th June 2020

“Balance mineral drink is good for fighting fatigue in menopause, really helps with energy.”

Christine Shrimpton

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted that your energy is being helped using Balance Mineral Drink.

Balance Mineral Drink

Customer rating:

11th June 2020

“Didn't seem to make a difference”

Response from A.Vogel: Sorry to hear that Balance Mineral Drink hasn't appeared to help. Have you called our Helpline Dept. for any advice on alternative?

Balance Mineral Drink

Customer rating:

19th May 2020

“Only tried it can’t really comment, tasted fine”

Bernadette Layburn

Response from A.Vogel: Do keep us posted on how you get on.

Balance Mineral Drink

Customer rating:

14th May 2020

“Lovely thank u xxxxxxxxxxx”

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