I had a normal cold for about a week then it got better.. About two weeks later I had another cold that lasted for about a week. Shortly after I got this horrible cold (head cold) with a high temp and pain in between the bridge of my nose (slightly in the centre above my eyes), a runny nose and feeling really really tired as if I had no muscles to move.. I'm really worried now as I've never experienced such a consecetive seasonal cold/flu before... Altogether I've been in such a terrible state for about 4 weeks on and off.. I have been to the doctor but they've just told me to take pain killers and increase vitamin C... I don't know whether I should be worried or be patient.. As I said I've never experienced anything like this before. I am 23 years old and I feel like 53. My body can't seem to fight off these viruses or at least maintain strength.. Can you help me?

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