Hello I started having luteal phase post coital bleeding last April. The bleeding only happens when we have intercourse around ovulation time, but continues on and off until my period (which is normal at around 5 days). It isn’t bright red blood and isn’t coming from my cervix (definitely uterine bleeding)- it is like an on/off period. I have had colposcopy, cervical and endometrial biopsies and a pelvic ultrasound, all of which have come back clear. I abstained from intercourse for around 5 months and had no bleeding but when we tried again the bleeding has restarted. I am 38 years old, otherwise healthy, and am trying for a second baby (my daughter is 3). I also had LLETZ treatment 2 years ago for CIN 1 cells. My doctor is refusing to do hormonal blood tests and seems completely unconcerned by my symptoms. I am very upset and frustrated as I feel this issue is seriously affecting my chances of conceiving. As the doctors have failed to find any ‘structural issues’ I am wondering if this may be a hormonal issue, causing my uterine lining to be unstable, and hence bleeding after intercourse? I would be so happy for any advice you could give me as I’m so anxious about this. Thank you.

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