Atrogel – Arnica gel for muscle and joint pain

Atrogel® Arnica gel is a herbal remedy used for pain relief in stiff muscles and joints

  • Pain relief for stiff neck and shoulders
  • Pain relief for other muscle aches and pains
  • For sporting injuries such as joint sprains & strains
  • Made from extracts of freshly harvested Arnica
  • Can be used with other medicines

Based on the traditional herbal remedy to relieve achey muscles and joints, our Atrogel Arnica Gel is an absolute favourite with us here at A.Vogel! Containing fresh Arnica flowers it helps to relieve stiff, sore joints as well as inflammation caused from strains, sprains and pains! 

  100ml (in stock) £ 9.99

  50ml (in stock) £ 6.75

Product reviews

Atrogel Arnica Gel

Customer rating:

18th April 2018

“Excellent products and service”

John Cornish

Response from A.Vogel: Thank you for your comments, we are delighted that A.Vogel is trusted by you and delivers the right results.

Atrogel Arnica Gel

Customer rating:

20th February 2018

“Wouldn't be without this as it always provides relief for life bumps and bangs”

John Whittard

Response from A.Vogel: Here's hoping that it's a while before you need to use again.

Atrogel Arnica Gel

Customer rating:

18th January 2018

“great natural product, very effective”

Sara Seydi

Response from A.Vogel: We're glad to hear that Atrogel is helping.

Atrogel Arnica Gel 100ml

Customer rating:

2nd November 2017

“Great for any plain releif”

John Cornish

Response from A.Vogel: Terrific feedback. Thank you.

Atrogel Arnica Gel

Customer rating:

14th September 2017

“Good product easy to use and works well”

Response from A.Vogel: What more can say! Great review, thank you.

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As the A. Vogel Muscles and Joints advisor, I recommend Atrogel® for the effective relief from aches and pains.

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Did you know?

Foods such as red meat and dairy products and drinks such as caffeine and alcohol can all trigger inflammation which can increase muscle and joint pain.

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