Calendula, viola & urtica

A combination of cleansing herbs

  • Cleansing action
  • Made from freshly harvested herbs
  • Botanical food supplement
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

This complex contains extracts of freshly harvested Calendula officinalis, Viola tricolor and Urtica dioica – herbs which are well known for their cleansing action when used to maintain health.

50ml (in stock) £ 10.85

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Product reviews

Calendula Complex

Customer rating:

20th February 2018

“Ein excellentes produkt mit einem weiten wirkungsspectrum”

Jutta Rathsmann-Betinski

Response from A.Vogel: Freut mich, dass Ringelblume hilft mit vielen tollen Effekte.

Calendula Complex

Customer rating:

24th August 2017

“Excellent product delivered within 2 days.”

William Pugh

Calendula Complex

Customer rating:

24th June 2011

“A super product with many healing uses for both human and feline needs”

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