Atrosan® – Devil’s Claw tablets for muscle and joint pains

Relieves backache, rheumatism and joint pain

Atrosan Devil's Claw
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • For rheumatic pain, backache or lumbago
  • Made from extracts of cultivated Devil’s Claw rather than endangered wild harvested herb
  • Can be used with other medicines

Devil’s claw is the common name of the plant Harpagophytum procumbens. The herb is only found in the wild – and only in the Kalahari desert of Southern Africa and even now, it is a difficult plant to cultivate. The root of Devil’s claw is used in herbal remedies for the treatment of muscle and joint pains, backache and rheumatism.

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  30 tablets (in stock) £ 9.99

Product reviews

Atrosan Devil's Claw tablets

Customer rating:

7th September 2017

“Echinaforce brilliant stuff”

Robin Vaughan-Evans

Atrosan Devil's Claw tablets

Customer rating:

31st August 2017

“Does exactly what it says on the tin”

Maureen Halliwell, Wigan

Atrosan� Devil's Claw tablets

Customer rating:

28th July 2017

“Because they work and I I'll be buying them again.”

Joan Mac Donald

Response from A.Vogel: We cannot ask for better comments! Great result.

Atrosan� Devil's Claw tablets

Customer rating:

29th June 2017

“I think the acuteness of the fibromyalgia I have is an issue really so as I have said I will keep taking the devils claw
Thank you”

Response from A.Vogel: We hope that Atrosan will continue to be one of the helpful supplements that fibromyalgia sufferers find useful. Do ask for our FM information sheet from our Helpline.

Atrosan Devil's Claw tablets

Customer rating:

22nd June 2017

“Good product and finds it helps with my back pain.”

Linda Gill

Response from A.Vogel: Great result, delighted that Atrosan is helping.

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Did you know?

Foods such as red meat and dairy products and drinks such as caffeine and alcohol can all trigger inflammation which can increase muscle and joint pain.

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