Santasapina Bonbons

Extracts from the shoots of spruce and honey

Santasapina Bonbons
  • Made from spruce shoot extract and honey
  • Spruce obtained from a sustainable source
  • Pleasant tasting

These lozenges are created from the shoots from the lower branches of our Norway Spruce trees (Picea abies) so as not to limit their growth.

30g (in stock) £ 1.99

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Product reviews

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30th April 2017

“Product is perfect. Hot flashes stopped after two weeks and my tiredness has completely gone! Feel like I've got my life back..thank you!”

Siobhan Convery

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29th April 2017

“Really good product , have been using it for 2 years now.”

Menoforce Sage tablets

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28th April 2017

“I have noticed a marked improvement in my symptoms”

Melody Pearce, United Kingdom

Response from A.Vogel: Wonderful result.

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27th April 2017

“This is the only product which has alleviated my allergic reaction to essential medication.”

Karen Preston-Freeman, Wolverhampton

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27th April 2017

“Excellent. Glad I have found it.”

Karen Preston-Freeman, Wolverhampton

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