Prostasan® – Saw Palmetto capsules for enlarged prostate

Relieves the urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate

  • Treatment of symptoms an of enlarged prostate (BPH)
  • Extract of Saw Palmetto berries
  • Convenient to use – one capsule per day

Taken just once a day, Prostasan® Saw Palmetto capsules is a convenient and effective licensed herbal remedy containing extracts of Saw Palmetto berries, used for the relief of urinary symptoms arising from an enlarged prostate in men with a confirmed diagnosis of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) - a common condition in men over 50.

  90 caps (in stock) £ 39.99

  30 caps (in stock) £ 14.99

Product reviews

Prostasan Saw Palmetto

Customer rating:

13th October 2018

“It's hard to tell yet, but the results are positive so far.”

Louis Loizou, Brighton and Hove

Response from A.Vogel: Do keep us informed on any further progress.

Prostasan Saw Palmetto

Customer rating:

8th October 2018

“I have been taking A Vogel Prostasan capsules for many years now and find they do make a difference. I have regular prostate checks and mine is not enlarged.”

Paul Gray, Calne, Wilts

Response from A.Vogel: Great result with Prostasan.

Prostasan� Saw Palmetto capsules

Customer rating:

23rd August 2018

“Everything is OK it must be good stuff.”

Response from A.Vogel: We're more than happy with this feedback.

Prostasan� Saw Palmetto capsules

Customer rating:

19th August 2018

“This eases the symptoms of prostate enlargement”

MLS, Worcs

Response from A.Vogel: Thank you for passing on your Prostasan results.

Prostasan� Saw Palmetto capsules

Customer rating:

26th July 2018

“I have been using Saw Palmetto for some years, apparently my PSA has gone down.”

Alan Jenkins, Wisbech

Response from A.Vogel: This is a great result.

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