Concentration Essence

Combination flower remedy

Bach Flower Remedy Concentration Essence
Bach Flower Remedy Concentration Essence

Exams, driving tests, studying, competing are all times we need to be super focused and concentrating.

30ml (in stock) £ 4.99

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Product reviews

Concentration Essence

Customer rating:

2nd November 2017

“Again I take everything I purchased together and it seems to work.”

Sue Verner

Response from A.Vogel: This is a great result. Thank you for passing it on.

Concentration Essence

Customer rating:

13th June 2017

“I bought this for my son who is doing his A Levels. He is surprised at how well it works. He says it makes him feel blinkered and prevents being distracted by gadgets. He feels it has really helped him in his exams so far.”

Response from A.Vogel: Brilliant result, we look forward to learning his results.

Concentration Essence

Customer rating:

8th November 2013

“don't know what to tell, perhaps out of lack of concentration”

Response from A.Vogel: Oh dear, perhaps you need to take another couple of doses and keep us posted.

Concentration Essence

Customer rating:

10th May 2012

“Lovely taste and does the trick”

Concentration Essence 30ml

Customer rating:

30th September 2011

“aptly named”

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