Head lice treatment

Detection, treatment and removal of head lice

Riddance herbal head lice treatment

Riddance head lice treatment is made up of a removal kit consisting a head lice detection comb and a neem based hair lotion. Head lice are an increasingly common problem in younger (primary school) children and these insects are becoming more and more resistant to conventional treatments.

This is the reason that people are turning more and more to natural treatments for head lice such as Riddance.

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Product reviews

Riddance Head Lice Neem treatment

Customer rating:

28th June 2012

“Riddance seems to do a good job although we're still battling the headlice. Not sure if this is because of the product or whether we're just getting re-contaminated!”

Riddance Head Lice Neem treatment

Customer rating:

2nd March 2012

“When my children were young they had a particularly 'stubborn infestation' which we couldn't get rid off, despite using various products. Someone recommended Riddance which was easy to use and sorted the problem straight away Over the years I have recommended it to various friends all of whom have found it effective. So when my child (now much older) had head lice recently I automatically ordered Riddance and one again it worked quickly and effectively.”

Riddance Head Lice Neem treatment

Customer rating:

1st March 2012

“My daughters school is ridden with head lice, last term she had them no fewer than 5 times, since I bought the vogel neem products she has been clear for 6 weeks, I am delighted, thanks. I bought shampoo, treatment ( killed lice without me having to use strong chemicals, brill )and insect repellant ( because this does not contain veet, we spray a tiny amount on her hair band every day. Well done vogel”

Did you know?

All of our Neem is sustainably harvested, with three specific extracts of the Neem tree being used in our products!

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