Neem Cream – Skin Calmer

Naturally calms & conditions dry, sore, eczema prone skin

Neem Cream
  • For dry, very dry, eczema prone skin
  • Calms irritation
  • Soothes red, sore skin

The extraordinary skin conditioning power of Neem is harnessed in this cream, to help counter redness and skin flare-ups.

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Neem cream - A customer story

Product reviews

Neem cream

Customer rating:

21st February 2020

“Neem cream is really helping certain dry skin areas of
my body which seems to be developing in my older years.”

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted to learn that Neem cream is helping you.

Neem cream

Customer rating:

5th December 2019

“My skin is lovely and smooth.”

Response from A.Vogel: Fantastic result.

Neem cream

Customer rating:

17th July 2019

“Good product have tried it before”

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted that Neem cream proved good enough to buy again.

Neem cream

Customer rating:

17th July 2019

“I've been using Neem cream for many years now. Perfect for soothing insect bites and eczema. The cream sinks into your skin easily.”

Shirley Proud

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted that Neem cream has proved so useful to you over the years.

Neem cream, Atrogel Arnica Gel 100ml, Molkosan 500ml, Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray

Customer rating:

31st May 2019

“Great natural ingredients. Does what it says”

Millar Tina

Did you know?

All of our Neem is sustainably harvested, with three specific extracts of the Neem tree being used in our products!

Care and cultivation

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