Silicol®gel – For IBS

Colloidal silicic acid gel for symptoms of IBS

Silicol gel
  • For symptoms of IBS including nausea, flatulence, stomach ache, diarrhoea and discomfort
  • Also for other digestive disorders such as heartburn and acid reflux

Silicol®gel contains silicic acid which is a compound of the mineral substance silicon and oxygen in a colloidal (highly dispersible) and hydrated form.

It has the ability to bind to a variety of harmful and toxic substances, including pathogens and can help reduce the symptoms of IBS.

  500ml (in stock) £ 18.49

  200ml (in stock) £ 8.29

Product reviews

Silicol� gel

Customer rating:

14th February 2018

“Ineffective - no effect at all”

Response from A.Vogel: Sorry to hear that Silicol didn't help you on this occasion. Please call our Helpline on 0845 608 5858, should you wish advice on suitable alternatives or lifestyle changes to help your symptoms.

Silicol� gel 200ml

Customer rating:

6th October 2017

“Painful as the offending lifeform cluster passed through my digestive tract, it works very well.”

Tony Burr

Response from A.Vogel: Great to hear that Silicol gel is working well, however, please contact our Helpline on 0845 608 5858 if you'd like to discuss digestive issues that are causing pain.

Silicol� gel

Customer rating:

15th May 2017

“It was for my 33 yr old son and he noticed marked result in his IBS”

Fiona Heaney

Response from A.Vogel: Great result.

Silicol gel 500ml

Customer rating:

4th August 2016

“This product helped my acid reflux for a start but then it came back. So I'm trying something else at the moment. But will probably go back to it if this doesn't get rid of it.”

Jayne, Leicester

Response from A.Vogel: Silicol will help to soothe and calm the effects of acid reflux, however, the underlying cause may need to be addressed. Please contact our Helpline on 0845 608 5858 for more information and advice.

Silicol gel 500ml

Customer rating:

1st October 2015

“It doesn't work for irritable bowel.”

Response from A.Vogel: Sorry to hear that you haven't been helped with Silicol gel. IBS has many, many symptoms and it may well be that you are using the wrong product. Please call our Helpline on 0845 608 5858 should you wish to discuss and see if this is the case.

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