BioSnacky® Gourmet Mix

Sprouts from organically produced seeds

BioSnacky sprouting seeds

Gourmet Mix seeds produce sprouts with a classic, delicate taste imparting a distinctive flavour to salads and many other dishes. It contains a mixture of seeds, including lentils, white radish and arugula/rocket.

40g (in stock) £ 1.29

Product reviews

BioSnacky Gourmet Mix sprouts

Customer rating:

26th September 2016

“Good mixture again with excellent taste”

Nick, Eastbourne

Response from A.Vogel: Delighted to hear that you have enjoyed sprouting

BioSnacky Gourmet Mix sprouts

Customer rating:

14th July 2016

“These were lovely full of flavour.”

Response from A.Vogel: Glad you enjoyed them.

BioSnacky Gourmet Mix sprouts

Customer rating:

5th March 2016

“I didn't like this mix because some tiny seeds blocked up the sprouter holes every time I rinsed them. I ended up trying to fish all the tiny seeds out to throw them away. Won't buy again.”

Susan, York

Response from A.Vogel: Thanks for your feedback on the Gourmet Mix.

BioSnacky Gourmet Mix sprouts

Customer rating:

11th June 2015

“Tried these before. Very tasty”

BioSnacky Gourmet Mix sprouts

Customer rating:

27th November 2014

“Quinoa seeds did not sprout up :(”

Response from A.Vogel: Perhaps, you could contact the supplier you bought your seeds from, and ask if they have any growing tips for their seeds?

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