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Bach Flower Remedies book
hardback £ 12.95 More info
A comprehensive guide to the beautiful world of flower essences and their natural healing [...]
Breath of life - Air
paperback £ 4.99 More info
How to combat the worst effects of pollution
By Appointment only:
Asthma & Bronchitis
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Sensible advice and simple methods of self-help
Cooking Without
paperback £ 12.99 More info
Recipes free from added gluten, sugar, dairy products, yeast, salt, saturated fat
Emotional Healing
paperback £ 7.99 More info
An essential handbook for those emotionally and mentally affected by the many pressures of [...]
Fifty Years Fighting
hardback £ 9.99 More info
Jan de Vries has packed this book with intriguing case histories from his vast experience [...]
Healing in the 21st century
paperback £ 7.99 More info
Why a multi-disciplinary approach, combining orthodox and conventional, old and new medici [...]
Heart, Blood & Circulatory .....
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Advice on the prevention and control of heart and blood circulatory problems through diet, [...]
Herbal Exchanges
paperback £ 12.99 More info
A commemorative book featuring herbalists from many different disciplines
Hidden Dangers in Food and ...
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Improve your health through wise choices of food and drink
How to Live a Healthy Life
paperback £ 7.99 More info
A handbook to better health
Life and Work with Alfred Vogel
paperback £ 9.99 More info
Jan de Vries autobiography part 3
Life without Arthritis
paperback £ 5.99 More info
A remarkable discovery for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers
paperback £ 5.99 More info
An excellent insight into the menopause
Menstrual & Premenstrual ...
paperback £ 5.99 More info
How to overcome the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle
Migraine and Epilepsy
paperback £ 5.99 More info
How proper nutritional and dietary management can help alleviate the symptoms of migraine [...]
Mother and Child
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Practical advice for new mothers dealing with the stress of their first baby.
My Life with Diabetes
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Natural ways to approach the illness, through diet and healthy living
Nature Doctor
paperback £ 12.99 More info
A manual of traditional and complementary medicine
Natures Gift of Food
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Wholesome eating and the benefits of a balanced diet made simple in this look at nutrition [...]
Neck and Back problems
paperback £ 5.99 More info
New developments in MS
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Realistic Weight Control
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Why weight problems occur, how best to avoid them and how to lose weight safely
Skin Diseases
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Jan de Vries writes about causes, effects and ways of alleviating irritating and sometimes [...]
Step at a Time - book
hardback £ 14.99 More info
The autobiography of the world-renowned health guru
Stomach and Bowel disorders
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Stress and Nervous disorders
paperback £ 5.99 More info
How to cope in the modern world
Ten Golden Rules
paperback £ 7.99 More info
Step-by-step guide to good health
Traditional Herbal remedies
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Folk wisdom of various countries
Treating Body, Mind and Soul
paperback £ 7.99 More info
Vegetarian cooking without
paperback £ 10.99 More info
Recipes free from added gluten, sugar, dairy products, yeast, salt, saturated fat.
Viruses, Allergies .....
paperback £ 5.99 More info
Why is it that problems such as viruses, allergies and post-viral fatigue syndrome seem to [...]
Water - Healer or Poison?
paperback £ 4.99 More info
Healer or Poison?
Who's Next?
paperback £ 4.99 More info
The humorous reminiscences of an alternative medical practitioner

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