I had a total hysterectomy 9 weeks ago, and my remaining ovary does not function very well. About 2 and a half weeks post-op, I started getting overall body aches and joint pains, similar to having a very, very bad flu. It has not let up since and it's now been going for over 6 weeks. I'm in a lot of pain. I had my oestrogen FH levels drawn the other day, so I think that it might be menopausal arthritis. Are there any natural alternatives to taking oestrogen? My hormones were those of a 35 year old prior to surgery, and I'm 54 years old, but I was hemorrhaging for a long time. My iron stores are better now, but I am just in agony. Today, I can hardly work and I feel very fatigued. I take Advil ES but it's not working either anymore. I feel as though I have a chronic flu with aches all over every muscle of my body. I don't have an infection as I've taken two courses of anti-biotics already.

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You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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