Neem Shampoo -
New Formulation

Shampoo containing Neem leaf extract

Neem shampoo
  • Soothing for a dry, irritated scalp
  • Everyday shampoo containing neem leaf tincture
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Does not interfere with dyes or other hair treatments

Our Neem shampoo is designed for use by the whole family. Neem shampoo contains extracts of neem leaves and helps soothe dry, irritated and flaky scalps.

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Product reviews

Neem shampoo

Customer rating:

12th October 2017

““I still have the psoriasis on my scalp, but it rids it of itching.”

Response from A.Vogel: Great result that the itching has been stopped. Please contact our Helpline on 0845 608 5858 for help with your psoriasis.

Neem shampoo

Customer rating:

25th August 2017

“Excellent product. I have tried loads of shampoo and this works best for me.”

Response from A.Vogel: Great to know that Neem shampoo is top of your list.

Neem shampoo

Customer rating:

11th August 2017

“It has cleared psoriasis from my scalp and as a regular shampoo it's excellent.”

Response from A.Vogel: Fantastic result.

Neem shampoo

Customer rating:

12th May 2017

“Natural products and meets my expectations”

Response from A.Vogel: Brilliant result.

Neem shampoo

Customer rating:

27th April 2017

“Excellent. Glad I have found it.”

Karen Preston-Freeman, Wolverhampton

Response from A.Vogel: We're glad you've found Neem shampoo too.

Did you know?

All of our Neem is sustainably harvested, with three specific extracts of the Neem tree being used in our products!

Care and cultivation
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