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Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Capsules
90 capsules £ 9.99 More info
Organically cultivated garlic and the deep red fruit of hawthorn.
Immune Support Tablets with Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D, 30 tablets
30 tablets £ 12.50 More info
Support for your immune system
Ivy-Thyme Complex tincture
50ml £ 10.50 More info
Combination of ivy, thyme and liquorice root
Kelp tablets
240 tabs £ 7.50 More info
Kelp contains iodine, supporting metabolism and normal thyroid function
Kelpamare Seasoning Sauce
85ml £ 2.99 More info
Made with soy sauce and vegetable extracts
Linoforce granules 12 years plus
70g £ 0.00 More info
Containing whole Linseed, Senna leaf and Frangula bark.
Luffa Complex tincture
50ml £ 10.50 More info
Extracts of 7 tropical herbs
Pollinosan Hayfever tablets
120 tablets £ 10.50 More info
Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray | Hayfever and Allergies | Approx. 220 Sprays | Can be Used From First Signs of Symptoms | 20ml
20ml £ 7.99 More info

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