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Home tests for low stomach acid

Try these home tests to help identify low levels of stomach acid

Low stomach acid should be diagnosed by your doctor; however, our expert Ali Cullen discusses simple home tests which could give you some idea as to what might be going on.


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  • Marie Caplin's photo avatar
    Marie Caplin — 31.01.2018 20:02
    Not sure what I have.Diagnosed with IBS but I have a tight band under my boobs( one of thousands from my research)and developed a reaction to a range of foods including fruit.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 01.02.2018 09:50
      Hi Marie, As we can't diagnose I'd suggest that you consult a nutritional practitioner locally, as they can examine you and take a detailed medical history to see what the cause might be. They can also ensure that you have a diet that provides sufficient nutrients despite restrictions. Go to to find your nearest practitioner. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Frederick Luther 's photo avatar
    Frederick Luther — 18.12.2017 13:22
    Thanks for your reply, i'v changed me eating habits, I'm a vegetarian anyway, and keen sports man! The confusing thing is? I do get syptems of acid reflux, no indigestion, no heart burn, I get the bitter taste in my mouth and the throat clearing. Martin.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 19.12.2017 07:52
      Reflux can be 'silent', in that it doesn't display all the symptoms that usually accompany it. It can be a very practical and structural issue - posture, running around too much after meals, eating on the run, drinking (anything) with meals - all of these can contribute. Best Wishes, Ali


  • Frederick Martin and 's photo avatar
    Frederick Martin and — 18.12.2017 11:58
    Thanks for the reply, still confused, I saw a respiratory specialist, he upped the PPI dose to 80mg of omeprazole, no change, so i'v gone the other way of low stomach acid! Taking an Enzyme, HCI, in theory it should get worse? But no, better if anything, got an appointment in February!!!!!! To see the respiratory specialist. Still throat clearing. F M luther.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 18.12.2017 13:54
      Hi Frederick, Why don't you try a regime of the lifestyle advice and eating habits advised in my free booklet - download here - - and see if it helps to reduce your throat discomfort. It should promote good, balanced production of stomach acid, making supplements and PPIs unnecessary. It really doesn't sound as if the PPI is doing anything helpful for you... Best Wishes, Ali


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Did you know?

Low stomach acid and high stomach acid share many of the same symptoms, including acid reflux, heartburn and nausea. If you are in any doubt it might be worth trying a home remedy to ascertain if the origin of your symptoms is low stomach acid or high stomach acid.

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