What vitamins are good for joint pain?

Find out what vitamins are best for stiff or painful joints

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23 April 2021

What vitamins are good for joint pain?

Vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K are three particular vitamins that can be good for joint pain. These vitamins can be beneficial for various issues, such as gout, arthritis, scurvy and general pain and stiffness in joints like the knees and hips.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C may be helpful when it comes to addressing different types of joint pain. For one, research shows that a good vitamin C intake may lower the risk of gout, which causes symptoms such as severe joint pain, swelling and red, tender skin. (1)

This nutrient may also be helpful if you are already experiencing symptoms of gout. There is evidence to show that it could, for example, lower levels of uric acid. (2) In those suffering from gout, too much uric acid causes crystallisation around the joints, leading to pain and swelling.

Although it isn't very common nowadays, scurvy can also result in joint pain, and this is caused by lack of vitamin C in the diet. Early signs might be easy bruising and bleeding gums, and it's important to tackle these so that the deficiency doesn't progress into issues like joint pain. Therefore, eating fresh foods and getting plenty of vitamin C-rich foods into your diet could combat progressive deficiency.

Other than this, vitamin C has some positive associations with arthritic joint pain. (3) This is linked to the fact that vitamin C is an antioxidant and may help counter inflammation. (4) Vitamin C may also reduce the likelihood of developing arthritis by halting the body's damaging autoimmune response that causes arthritic symptoms. (5)

Foods rich in vitamin C include fresh fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and broccoli. Therefore, making home-cooked meals and snacks with these kinds of ingredients is an efficient way to increase your vitamin C intake.

Vitamin C supplements, such as our Nature C Tablets, can also provide an added boost. You can take one Nature C tablet twice daily to get more vitamin C.

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2. Vitamin D

Getting plenty of vitamin D can also be important if you have joint pain. Continuously low levels in older adults have been connected to joint pain in the knees and hips, so correcting the deficiency could ease some discomfort. (6)

There's also a link between low vitamin D levels and arthritic pain. Sufferers of the condition, for example, may be more likely to have a deficiency, particularly if they are on medication for the problem. (7)

Plenty of time spent outside (since our body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin), a supplement of 10μg (400IU) daily and foods like eggs and oily fish can improve vitamin D levels.

3. Vitamin K

For those with joint pain, vitamin K may also be significant.

Studies show that people with osteoarthritis can have lower levels of vitamin K. (8) However, more research is needed in this area as so far it has not been determined that low vitamin K levels will directly affect the quality of life when suffering from osteoarthritis.

Still, proteins that depend on vitamin K are present in joint tissues, such as cartilage and bone, so it is an important nutrient for healthy joints.

Green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and unprocessed cereal grains provide vitamin K, should you want to improve your intake via your diet. A standalone vitamin K supplement isn't something we tend to advise here at A.Vogel, as focusing on dietary options should ensure you get enough.

What other supplements can help ease joint pain?

As well as vitamins, there are other natural supplements that you can take to help ease joint pain, including fish oil, turmeric, and devil's claw. Find out more about these supplements in my blog: 'What are the best supplements for joint health?'.

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