How do you keep bugs away when walking?

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30 March 2021

How do you keep bugs away when walking?

To help keep bugs away when walking, wear loose, long-sleeved clothing, wear a bug hat, apply insect repellent spray, wear closed shoes and walk away from rivers, ponds and lochs.

Keep bugs away when walking

Insects like mosquitos and midges can leave the skin itchy, red and sore. To avoid this and keep bugs away when walking, here are some top tips.

1. Long loose clothing

Give biting insects like mosquitos and midges less opportunity to attack your skin by wearing loose long-sleeved clothing (on top and below).

A top that tightens at the sleeves will help to prevent insects from getting inside your clothing. Meanwhile, tucking your trousers into long socks will help to stop bugs from getting in via this entryway!

If the weather is warm, loose, light clothing will prevent you from over-heating.

2. Bug hat

Bugs often come out in warmer weather, as well as on damp, humid days. If you're heading out in these conditions, take a hat with you to keep insects off your face.

If you can spare a little extra cash, a bug hat is a good investment for longer walks. This hat has netting that hangs from the rim of the hat to the shoulders, preventing insects from flying into your face. Outdoor shops or a quick search online will bring up examples.

3. Insect repellent

A really effective way to keep insects away from your skin is to apply some insect repellent. Most insect repellent sprays, however, rely on a chemical called DEET to achieve this. For people with sensitive skin or other allergies, this can trigger an itchy, red flare-up. Natural insect sprays provide a good alternative here.

Neem Insect Repellent contains extracts from the Neem tree and works in two ways. It changes the taste of the skin and also masks the smell of the body to keep insects at bay. It's also suitable for all the family, which is great for walks that involve everyone.

Apply some insect repellent spray before you leave the house and then re-apply every three hours or so as required.

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4. Wear closed shoes

Although they may offer some respite from warm weather, sandals or other open shoes will leave your skin exposed to insects. When walking through countryside and grassy areas, your poor feet will become particularly susceptible to bites.

So, always head out for walks with a pair of closed-toe shoes, such as comfy trainers or walking shoes. A light material such as mesh, or even a light colour of shoe, should help to keep your feet a little cooler when the temperature is warm.

5. Walk away from water

In the Spring and Summer months, bugs like midges tend to congregate near water, including lochs and rivers. Therefore, you may want to avoid these areas on your walks. If you fancy a challenge, you'll find fewer insects on high ground. Open ground or seaside walks may also offer a better alternative during peak bug-biting season!

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