8 drinks to boost your immune system

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02 July 2018

1 - Watermelon, mint and lime cooler

Watermelon is the first of our ingredients for an immune-boosting drink because it contains a highly beneficial, naturally-occurring chemical called lycopene. Lycopene gives watermelon (and tomatoes) their bright red colour but it is also a powerful antioxidant meaning it supports the immune system and therefore helps prevent illness. 

Watermelon makes a healthy snack at any time of the day but for something a little bit different you could try our watermelon, mint and lime cooler. This is tasty and refreshing, plus it contains vitamins A and C, the benefits of which I’ll discuss a little later.

2 - Echinaforce hot drink

If you find yourself coming down with a cold or flu, or if you wish to prevent one in the first place, Echinacea is the go-to ingredient for many. It supports the immune system and in doing so it helps to prevent and relieve colds and flu.

When it comes to Echinacea products, fresh is definitely best as this means none of the beneficial properties of the plant are lost during the production process. That’s exactly why our Echinaforce Echinacea Drops and our Echinaforce Hot Drink are made from the root and herb of freshly harvested plants. 

As well as Echinacea though, our Echinaforce Hot Drink contains extracts of black elderberry meaning it has a pleasant, soothing taste. So, if you’re struggling with a sore throat or coughing, or if you feel these symptoms are about to arise, this is the perfect drink to turn to!

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3 - Orange and tomato juice

Orange and tomato juice are also great for the immune system because of their rich vitamin C content. Not only does vitamin C support the joints and overall skin health, it also helps the immune system defend itself against infections and viruses. However, vitamin C also encourages the absorption of iron, another key nutrient that keeps cells healthy and strong. So, in this way it further contributes to a strong immune system.

When it comes to choosing your orange and tomato juices, again fresh is your best option so when doing your weekly shop, try to avoid anything that says ‘from concentrate’ as this tends to have added sugar. Alternatively, if you are feeling up to it you could even make your own juice– just get a bag of large oranges and squeeze enough of them to fill a glass!

4 - Herbal tea

Both chamomile and green tea are also thought to help the immune system because they contain phytochemicals. These chemicals have protective properties meaning they could help to see off cold and flu viruses. 

However, chamomile tea also has anti-inflammatory properties so if you’re already suffering from a sore throat or blocked nose this could help. Therefore, in order to keep your immune system in tip top condition why not swap your usual English breakfast tea or espresso for one of these teas?

5 - A berry smoothie

Berries are yet another immune-boosting ingredient because they contain antioxidants and vitamin C. Although you can snack on berries throughout the day, a berry smoothie is a great way to reap all the benefits of berries as you can mix up a few different varieties to create one healthy and tasty drink. 

We have many smoothie recipes to choose from however, I favour our raspberry and blueberry one with added coconut milk. It is bursting with berries so is particularly good for the immune system!

6 - Carrot juice

As well as consuming lots of fruits and herbs, another way to support the immune system is to provide it with vegetables. Carrot juice in particular is rich in β-carotene which is an antioxidant that is converted into vitamin A in the body. Antioxidants help to counteract free radicals in the body which can cause damage to cells, contributing to aging skin and health problems. However, the antioxidants in carrots have a special supportive role when it comes to the health of your immune function, aiding it in its fight against viruses and allergies.

So, what kind of carrot juice should you drink? Well, your best option is to go for a non-concentrated, natural variety like Biotta’s Carrot Juice. This is made from 100% organic pressed purple carrot juice and has no added sugars or other extras. This means it’s full of goodness that will not only help your immune system, but that will also help other areas of the body such as eye health.

You can read more about the health benefits of carrots here.

7 - Apple and spinach smoothie

Another superb ingredient for the immune system is spinach because it too is packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which can increase the infection-fighting ability of the immune system.  

You can, of course, include spinach in a variety of meals like curries and salads however, it’s equally tasty as a drink so why not check out our apple and spinach smoothie?

8 - Water

Water is essential regardless of whether or not you want to keep your immune system healthy as it keeps us hydrated and can even encourage healthy skin. However, drinking water regularly also helps to flush out any toxins from the body, thus enabling the immune system to function as normal. So, this is another key drink when it to encouraging a healthy immune system and it’s important you get your recommended 1.5-2 litres a day!

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