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Persistent sore throat

A sore throat that persists for several weeks can be a sign of a medical condition that needs attention

Echinacea is a traditional herb known to aid the body in its fight against colds and flu by supporting the immune system – but not all Echinacea is the same! Research shows that the fresher the herb, the more effective the remedy will be, which is why our Echinaforce cold and flu remedies are made using freshly harvested Echinacea.


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  • Dan Fullman's photo avatar
    Dan Fullman — 06.12.2017 03:12
    Hello. I recently had sinus surgery to fix my chronic sinus infecitons. 8 Weeks later, there's no sign and my throat looks pretty normal - says the ENT. However, my throat still really hurts!! No one knows why. I tried antifungals, prednisone, aleve, dry mouth products, allergy meds, tons of antibiotics, but nothing helps! I am also going to one of the best ENT's in the country but at this point, he's pawning me off to my allergist.


    • Dan Fullman's photo avatar
      Dan Fullman — 06.12.2017 04:08
      I have also had a tonsillectomy already when i was a kid - so no tonsils.


    • Dr Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Dr Jen Tan — 06.12.2017 12:19
      Hello Dan, If your sore throat is persistent and painful then the best advice is to see how things go with the allergist. In cases such as this, it is really difficult to determine the root cause without a physical examination. Sorry, I can not be of more help to you.


  • Craig's photo avatar
    Craig — 11.11.2017 20:28
    Hi. God bless you and thanks for replying to my previous message. Just to let you no that I have now been taking my lansoprazole for 4 weeks and the mucus in my throat is still there. As it has been for the last 4months. Also these last couple of weeks iv had an horrendous taste in my mouth as well. I did use to have a lot of stomach ulcers 15 years ago as well. And early this year I had a massive stressful period in my life. Iv told you iv had a nasoloscopy and iv been told iv a throat infection with mucus sat on a ledge. I'm so worried.


  • Craig's photo avatar
    Craig — 10.11.2017 21:43
    Hi. Iv ad mucus in my throat for 14weeks. Had a course of antibiotics, also a nasal spray for 4weeks. Just had a nasoloscopy at the ent department. The specialist has put me on 60mg lansoprazole for 4weeks. He says iv an infection in my throat with mucus stuck on a ledge. Any1 any ideas. Im so scared


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 11.11.2017 16:04
      Hello Craig. Being unwell can be stressful and worrying. However, you are seeing a specialist who I am sure will take good care of you. Furthermore, there is nothing in the symptoms you have described which concerns me, especially as you the ENT people have examined your nasopharyngeal area. I would suggest that you allow the medication time to do its job and if you feel that we can be of further help to you, please don't hesitate to get back in touch.


    • Craig's photo avatar
      Craig — 11.11.2017 17:02
      Thankyou so much for the reply. The reason im worried is i had really bad ulcers 15 years ago and this june i got myself that stressed out that iv been thinking its guna be bad news. The specialist is saying i will prob need a barium swallow and an endoscopy.


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On average, you will experience a sore throat 2 or 3 times a year but, if you are lucky, your immune system will be able to conquer the virus before it develops into a full blow episode of the common cold.

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