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Unexplained bruising

Causes of unexplained bruising and when you should see your doctor

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  • Ashleigh 's photo avatar
    Ashleigh — 15.10.2017 21:53
    I'm 24 year old and female I have been noticing bruises on my legs and think to myself they will go soon and now there getting worse I have lines of little bruises down the outside of each thigh now my hands have started sheading skin should I seek medical help.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 16.10.2017 13:27
      Hello Ashleigh Yes, you need to see your doctor about this.


  • john's photo avatar
    john — 30.09.2017 10:01
    hello, I have just turned 80, I go dancing and am in good health, however I am getting bruises on my arms and face more frequently the last few days.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 02.10.2017 10:17
      Hello John If this doesn't resolve in a couple of days or so I'd recommend seeing your doctor if you're taking a medication or suffer a health condition as listed above. We have just begun selling an Arnica cream, specifically for bruising, should you wish to address the bruising yourself.


  • Lillian's photo avatar
    Lillian — 24.08.2017 03:39
    Hello Im a 59yrs old woman on warafrin.I'm a diabetic Type2 and I just noticed a purple bruise above my Left eye Can you explain why this is I haven't had before.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 24.08.2017 09:28
      Hello Lillian Warfarin is known as a low safety margin drug, meaning it has to be prescribed within very small margins of error. Small changes in the chemistry of your blood, such as caused by alterations in your diet, can mean the dose needs rechecking by your doctor.


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What's being asked

I suffer easy bruising to my forearms which make red patches. Can I use arnica to (a) prevent this and (b) to treat the bruises already there?

Hello. If you are taking blood thinning medication, please check with your Doctor or pharmacist ...
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My six year old is very active and she keeps bruising her legs and arms. What can I use to help with the pain and speed up the disappearance of the bruises.

Hi. Our Arnica Gel is licensed for pain, stiffness and bruises and is safe to use with children. If ...
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As the A. Vogel Muscles and Joints advisor, I recommend Atrogel® Arnica gel to help ease the discomfort of bruising.

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Did you know?

Redheaded women are more prone to bruising than brunettes or women with black hair, according to researchers and it is also generally thought that women also bruise more easily than men.

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