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What is blepharitis? What causes it?

Blepharitis can be a frustrating, debilitating condition. Eye health advisor Felicity Mann explains what the condition is, what it is caused by, what symptoms there are and what complications are associated with it.


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  • Claire's photo avatar
    Claire — 04.06.2018 19:49
    Very interesting article. Blepharitis picked up on a check up at optician, followed by scraping of lids (very tickly) and then I had to use a warm compress daily, massage my eyes and use some prescribed wipes. Also take a fish oil supplement. Will try the bicarb wash and maybe the manuka honey one, too. Thanks


    • Felicity's photo avatar
      Felicity — 05.06.2018 08:56
      Hi Claire. I'm glad you found this article useful. I hope it helps. Best wishes, Felicity.


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