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Dizziness and flu

Dizziness is often a result of being dehydrated during the flu

Echinacea is a traditional herb known to aid the body in its fight against colds and flu by supporting the immune system – but not all Echinacea is the same! Research shows that the fresher the herb, the more effective the remedy will be, which is why our Echinaforce cold and flu remedies are made using freshly harvested Echinacea.


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  • Lucas's photo avatar
    Lucas — 10.01.2018 14:45
    Why do I get very dizzy and have bad headaches whenever I stand or sit down? Any remedies?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 10.01.2018 19:13
      Hello Lucas. Flu can dehydrate you and this could be one reason for dizziness especially if you have been feverish, taken to your bed and not drinking enough water. So the first step is to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. To treat the underlying viral infection, we would suggest the use of Echinacea. This will help symptoms of flu, including headaches. If headaches become severe, if you experience neck stiffness or find that light bothers your eyes, see your doctor urgently.


  • Billie Lee's photo avatar
    Billie Lee — 08.01.2018 19:31
    I have recovered from very bad flu and cough for almost 3 weeks now. Starting from last week I have been experiencing mild dizziness while lying down and also when getting up in the morning from sleep. Is this dizziness normal and will it go away on its own. When should I consult a physician.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 09.01.2018 12:13
      Hello Billie. This could be the result of the virus affecting the balance mechanism in your ears. If the symptom does not resolve within the next week, you should see your doctor in order to rule out other causes of dizziness.


  • Bryan's photo avatar
    Bryan — 30.12.2017 06:10
    Yes I'm starting to get over the flu influenza A I had no fever for over 24 hours so I decided to try to go to work I was there for a little while started sweating profusely and feeling shaky and light-headed is this normal for the flu and if so how long can this last I still have no fever at all I feel very run down and weak


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 31.12.2017 12:57
      Hello Bryan. Influenza can be a very debilitating infection and it does not surprise me that you did not last too long at work. Sweating, feeling lethargic and weak are all common symptoms of flu. There is a strain of infection doing the rounds with people reporting that symptoms can persist for between one and two weeks. To help recovery, you might wish to consider the use of Echinacea and Elderberry in the form of a hot drink. Meanwhile, keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking 2 litres of water a day.


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