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Coughing at night

Night-time coughs can be the result of specific health conditions


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  • sharda's photo avatar
    sharda — 01.10.2017 09:10
    I'm 27 year old lactating mother suffering from late night cold symptoms since 10 September 2017 . And due to this my baby also has getting mild cold symptoms Is there is a serious problem or just long term cold ???


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 01.10.2017 21:08
      Hello Sharda. The chances are you have a lingering viral infection. Being a mother can lead to a variety of stresses and this is especially so if you have a young child - this is one possible reason why you have not been able to shake off your cold. However, it is not possible to be certain of this diagnosis with the information you have provided and if you are at all concerned about your health or that of your child, you should seek medical attention locally. This is especially so if your child has also picked up an infection.


  • Soly's photo avatar
    Soly — 11.09.2017 01:24
    Hi I only cough at night. The moment I sleep I stars to cogh. I have this thickish feelings on my trout. Please tell me what might be the problem and some remedies. Thanks.


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 11.09.2017 07:38
      Hello Soly. The first thing that comes to mind is that your symptoms might be caused by acid reflux. This condition occurs when the acidic contents of your stomach travel upwards and backwards to irritate your pharynx leading to a cough. We would recommend indigestion remedies such as A.Vogel Digestisan for this. Of course, there are could be other causes for your cough and if the symptom persists, please make an appointment to see your doctor.


  • Kelly's photo avatar
    Kelly — 14.05.2017 06:34
    Hi I have severe joint pain which can be unbearable sometimes I've had tests for arthritis but they came back clear is there anything else that it could be thankyou


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 15.05.2017 07:50
      I presume you have been to see to your doctor about your joint pains but if not, this will be the first step. The herb that we use for joint problems is known as Devil's Claw ( It is not a painkiller and hence, will take a few weeks for the full effect of the remedy to be established.


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Did you know?

A tickly cough is technically termed as ‘non-productive.’ This is because, unlike a chesty cough, tickly or dry coughs typically bring up little to no phlegm.

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