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Dry cough

A dry cough produces little or no mucus and is caused by irritation or inflammation in the throat and chest

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  • Bridget's photo avatar
    Bridget — 18.05.2017 19:38
    I've had a dry cough for over a month now. It's not in chest or throat it's right in between. Like when you start to clear your throat it's right there. Sometimes it sounds wheezy and other times I feel when I clear my throat there is something coating the area but not anything I can cough up. Cough is triggered when I simply breathe or after exercise or even eating. And again it is a very dry cough. Any thoughts or ideas on this is much appreciated! Oh! I live in Colorado and recently vacationed in Florida. Now the symptom nearly disappeared in Florida but as soon as I got off the plane in Colorado I started coughing again. Allergies?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 19.05.2017 10:35
      Yes, allergies can give rise to coughs. This can be manifested as a variant of asthma and your description of wheezing, coughing with exercise or a deep breath further supports the hypothesis. The best advice I can give you at this point is to make an appointment with your doctor with the aim of establishing a diagnosis. Once we know what we are dealing with, we will be in a better position to give you the best treatment.


    • ANUPAM BERA's photo avatar
      ANUPAM BERA — 22.05.2017 02:53
      I had a complete opposite experienced. I was living in Tampa and I had the dry cough which stayed over five months! The doctor did any possible test that he can and nothing was found. I suffered so much! Then I had to relocate to Chicago and the day we landed here, the coughing was gone!! After living three years in Chicago, the coughing is back again.


  • Robert's photo avatar
    Robert — 16.05.2017 10:56
    I have a dry cough and shortness of breath I didn't know if the shortness !of breath was do to me having osteoarthritis sometime it's an effort to get around all I have spots on my legs I have had a chest x-ray it came back ok I now have had a blood test I didn't have to have red meat 24 hours before


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 16.05.2017 14:36
      I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell. There can be a number of causes responsibile for being short of breath. Depending on your age and previous medical history, heart problems, anaemia will have to be considered in addition to the usual viral or bacterial chest infections. A blood test is probably being done to exclude anaemia. Other tests your doctor might be thinking about will include an ECG (heart tracing) and tests for asthma.


  • Azam's photo avatar
    Azam — 10.05.2017 12:24
    I have a cough for 5 months, i have seen doctor also but didn't get well. what should i do ?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 10.05.2017 15:01
      There can be quite a few causes for your cough and you should really go back to your doctors to let them know that the symptom persists. Tests such as a chest x-ray and other investigations may be necessary and maybe a referral to a specialist doctor can help.


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Did you know?

A tickly cough is technically termed as ‘non-productive.’ This is because, unlike a chesty cough, tickly or dry coughs typically bring up little to no phlegm.

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