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Tickly cough

Tickly coughs are dry coughs producing little or no mucus

Echinacea is a traditional herb known to aid the body in its fight against the symptoms of cold and flu. Supplements like Echinaforce help increase the body’s resistance to infection by strengthening the immune system, allowing the body to fight the misery of colds and flu.


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  • Tanya's photo avatar
    Tanya — 20.10.2017 05:05
    I cough every time I'm in a warm room and it feels like my airway is closing up. I even start tearing up due to shortness of breath. Should I see my doctor?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 20.10.2017 08:56
      Hello Tanya. I am sorry to hear of your problem. Yes, I think you should seek help from your GP. We need to get to the cause of your symptoms. What you describe could fit with a number of health conditions - it does not seem to me likely that your symptoms will resolve without treatment.


  • Elna 's photo avatar
    Elna — 28.08.2017 02:55
    I have an itchy cough for five days i take guaifenesin /expectorant 3 times a day and nebulize of hyvent salbutamol in the evening but still i am coughing until now with a little white plegm should i change my medicine?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 28.08.2017 10:31
      The most likely cause of your symptoms will be a viral infection. The medicines you are taking will not be treating the infection specifically, but the symptoms. If they are not helping, you might want to try Echinacea which will help to fight the infection itself and help speed your recovery. However, there can be other reasons for your cough and if symptoms do not improve in the next few days, please seek further advice from your doctor.


  • Moira's photo avatar
    Moira — 21.08.2017 21:45
    I have had a dry tickly cough for nearly 9 months now lve been to the Drs several times lve had chest xrays - all ok, l have 3 diferent inhalers a blue, green & brown one, lve had liquid Pholcodine 10mg, nothing works. Im sucking fruit sweets, herbal and cough sweets most of the time, lve also had various antihistamines and nasal sprays. The cough is a very dry tickly cought from the throat with no mucus! Im 64yrs old and this is driving me crazy can anyone help?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 22.08.2017 14:14
      Hello Moira. I can understand your frustration. Sometimes, it is a mater of eliminating possibilities one at a time. Food allergies or intolerances can give rise to these symptoms and perhaps you might like to consider food sensitivity testing as the next step?


    • Rachel Stout's photo avatar
      Rachel Stout — 11.09.2017 04:38
      My mother is about your age and she had it so bad she eas taking Robitussin every night still to no avail. Found out later it is from silent reflux. Started her on Omeprazole and it cleared right up. Sounded crazy, but my son and now I have the same issue. Switching my meds now.


    • Aileen's photo avatar
      Aileen — 06.10.2017 16:06
      I am wondering if you have found the reason for your cough, Moira.....I am 64, as well, and also have had a dry cough for a number of months. My family is concerned. As I house clean for a living, I thought it might have something to do with the solutions that I use, but I am now wondering if it could be acid reflux (although I do not have very strong signs of that). So, this weekend, I will be putting the head of my bed up a few inches and see if that makes any difference. One has to start somewhere. I have found that honey, warmed (only 10 seconds!) in the microwave helps to sooth my esophagus/trachea. My cough generally starts in the early morning, in bed, and I usually have to get up for a while before it subsides. Therefore, my sleep is being compromised.


    • Joyce Arrindell's photo avatar
      Joyce Arrindell — 20.10.2017 19:26
      Try eating raw ginger just bite it like you would an apple let the juice trickle down your throat it burns but really works


    • Stanley ng's photo avatar
      Stanley ng — 21.10.2017 22:56
      Do you cough when you clean your ears? I suspect that your cough was trigger by the nerve in your ears just like mine.


    • Carole's photo avatar
      Carole — 14.11.2017 20:56
      Give up all dairy


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Did you know?

A tickly cough is technically termed as ‘non-productive.’ This is because, unlike a chesty cough, tickly or dry coughs typically bring up little to no phlegm.

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