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Dry cough

A dry cough produces little or no mucus and is caused by irritation or inflammation in the throat and chest


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  • Belen rios's photo avatar
    Belen rios — 28.04.2018 03:45
    Hello my grandmother has had a nasty dry cough for years, nothing she is prescribed helps and she has tried every home remedy in the book. Her cough is much worse at night when she lays down any advice is much appreciated. Thank you


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 28.04.2018 07:33
      Hello Belen. I am sorry to hear that your grandmother has been troubled with a longstanding cough. There are many causes for such a cough and I wonder if these have been considered by her doctors and what tests have been performed. A cough which is much worse at night might could be related to acid reflux, allergies or asthma. Unfortunately, I am not able to be more specific based on the limited information you have provided but suggest that you ask your doctors for a referral to a chest specialist.


  • david's photo avatar
    david — 24.04.2018 07:37
    I was sexually assaulted mid feb 18, I have been for checks and come back clear, but I have a dry cough . Any ideas please?


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 24.04.2018 13:13
      Hello David. I am sorry to hear about your assault. It is good that physical checks have come back clear. Coughs can be triggered by psychological stress and I wonder if this might be relevant in your case.


  • Zayn's photo avatar
    Zayn — 07.04.2018 17:22
    Sir my mother has been diagnosed with hcv but she has frequent dry coughing


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 08.04.2018 17:54
      Hello Zayn. I am sorry to hear that your mother has been unwell. By HCV, I presume you mean Hepatitis C Virus. As you know, this is a condition that fundamentally affects the liver. Cough is not a common symptom of this condition. However, the immune system can be depressed in those with poor liver function and this might lead to a greater likelihood of viral or bacterial infection. The best advice I can give you and your mother is to report this symptom to her doctor - only in this way, can we work out what the cause is and get the right treatment.


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Did you know?

A tickly cough is technically termed as ‘non-productive.’ This is because, unlike a chesty cough, tickly or dry coughs typically bring up little to no phlegm.

What type of cough do you have?

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