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Dry cough

A dry cough produces little or no mucus and is caused by irritation or inflammation in the throat and chest

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  • Kaylah's photo avatar
    Kaylah — 17.02.2018 08:44
    Hello, I was out trying to get a few vittles, and made the mistake of being too friendly by smiling and saying hello, to people that I made eye contact with in the store. One person I said hi to, started making conversation with me, and I noticed they had a persistant, disruptive, dry (thankfully) cough, which continued constantly as they spoke. As I was standing near the fresh bread and cakes, I tried to move away because the person was continuously coughing and wasnt bothered that they were coughing beside food. I managed to break-away from the person, to try to get on with shopping, but the shop was small, so unfortunately, I encountered him again in the aisle, and this time he held me up for 20 minutes, talking and coughing, and I kept trying to move back a safe distance from him, but he would then move towards me. He didn't seem to pick up on those social cues, that I wanted to get on with my shopping, and found the constant coughing unpleasant to be near. Thankfully he didn't have a chesty cough, but I still didn't want to be near him, and then he put his hand out to shake, and I thought oh god "germs central", as he had been putting his hand to his mouth occasionally, when coughing. I wish I wasn't so polite. If I was more of a germaphobe I'd have had to leave, and wash my hands before being able to continue shopping, and would have gone elsewhere to shop. I then said I needed to get on with shopping as my taxi to bring me home had arrived and I had been prevented shopping by this man. So I broke away and dashed around to get my vittles, then seen him again and he started asking me did I eat sweet things, and tried to engage me on his sugar-intake. I had to pay more for my taxi because of this coughing, invasive, socially-obtuse man, and the last thibg he said was "cup of tea sometime", and I politely (foolishly), said, "ok". Anyway, I wont be honouring that tea request, obviously he had no idea how offensive his coughing is. So, since that I have been trying to see what causes a persistant dry cough. Thanks to this site, I suspect his cough may have been a nervous-cough. Thank you for the info, and recommendations. Any recommendations for dealing with over-bearing, un self-aware, time-stealers, please? ( I realise he's probably lonely, as he's mature in years and single, but still)


  • Nora's photo avatar
    Nora — 15.02.2018 21:05
    I'm 25 Yo woman, I have dry cough that gets worse mostly at night, it starts small and the more I cough the worst it gets which causes me severe pain in the left chest. The pain is more like a burning inside my chest. I have been having this cough for almost three years now, it comes and goes randomly throughout the whole year. Does anyone have an idea what this cough might be because my doctor told me it's cold and I don't think he is right! Any ideas can be helpfu please!


    • Jen Tan's photo avatar
      Jen Tan — 15.02.2018 22:12
      Hello Nora. My thoughts are that, with what you have described, the cause is unlikely to be a cold or another viral infection. I would firstly consider the possibility of acid reflux - this is a form of indigestion and more likely to occur when you are lying down flat. Of course, there are other possible reasons and if you doctor is not able to find the answer for you, perhaps you could consider a second or third opinion?


    • Nora's photo avatar
      Nora — 16.02.2018 09:18
      Thank you so much Doctor! I think I will do as you said, also your opinion is quite helpful and should be considered as well. Thank you for your time!


  • DR FREDRICKSON's photo avatar
    DR FREDRICKSON — 15.02.2018 08:23
    i c ough and when i cough hard my chest hurts ive had this for about 3 to 4 days I Havent yet visted a doctor but anyone with the same problem as me you should drink garlic and lemon and honey it will make you feel better for a few hours, by doctor fredrickson.


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A tickly cough is technically termed as ‘non-productive.’ This is because, unlike a chesty cough, tickly or dry coughs typically bring up little to no phlegm.

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