Coming down with the flu? Tips for overcoming the recent epidemic

How can you overcome this new strain of flu?

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Immune System Expert
Ask Dr. Jen Tan

05 January 2018

What exactly is this new flu?

It seems an outbreak of ‘Aussie flu’ has gripped the nation. But what exactly is this virus and why are traditional methods of treatment not quite hitting the mark this time round? There are already fears that the NHS is struggling to cope with the huge demand for treatment, so it’s time to get clued up!

Every winter new strains of flu viruses take hold and people, especially vulnerable people such as the elderly or those with compromised immune systems, are urged to have the flu vaccination in a bid to protect themselves. However, the problem is the flu vaccination only helps protect us against specific strains of the flu virus – often just the ones that have hit the news early and are thought by experts to pose the most risk! Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily help protect against new strains that we aren’t expecting, such as this ‘Aussie flu’ amongst some others which inevitably crop up.

Aren't sure if you have the flu? Read up on some of the common symptoms which include fever, aching joints and headache.

So what can we do to protect ourselves?

With health officials confirming fears that the flu vaccination may not be much use, and unsurprisingly, antibiotics aren’t a viable option either (it’s a virus at the root of the cause rather than bacteria), what can be done to help before things really spiral out of control?

• Stay hydrated – this is the number one priority. Many symptoms of flu, such as dizziness, are the result of, or are at least made worse by, dehydration. Make sure you are sipping on liquids throughout the day, and stick to water or caffeine-free hot drinks. Caffeine will only risk dehydrating you further so best avoided, and warm drinks can help clear congestion and are soothing for your throat

• Rest – if you can’t face getting out of bed and going to work, then your body may be telling you something. A bout of flu is very different from a cold, it can really take its toll on your body. If you get enough rest, this will help your immune system fight the infection. Rushing about when you are sick will do you no favours and will increase your risk of a prolonged illness and secondary infections.

Stock up on Echinaforce – best if caught within the first 24 hours of infection, but otherwise, this remedy can help to reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms. As we know, antibiotics aren’t up to the task, and the protection from the flu jab may be waning, so, instead, we need something with anti-viral properties. Say no more – hello Echinaforce®! 

Echinaforce® may be helpful for the following reasons:  

• As backed by research, Echinaforce® can help to treat symptoms of cold and flu and boasts antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties 

• Echinaforce® can support the immune system in order to help support recovery and keep recurrent infections at bay

• Echinaforce® is available in a number of different forms to suit your needs:

      o Echinaforce® original, ideal to use as a maintenance dose to help sustain the body’s resistance by supporting the immune system.

 Please note, if symptoms don’t start to improve within 10 days, you should seek medical advice.

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I’m the Immune System expert here at A.Vogel, and if you’re looking for flu treatment, I recommend Echinaforce® and Echinaforce® Hot Drink.

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