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Neck pain & headaches

Neck pain may also give rise to headaches

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  • Pranjul Khirwar's photo avatar
    Pranjul Khirwar — 18.07.2017 08:17
    Hello, im suffering from pain in my back head and neck, precisely the part behind my ears and the pain goes down the sides of my neck. its kind of stiffness in muscles plus normal pain.It is constant from last year, i cant read, i feel stressed, depressed. and when i think too much about me i begin to feel headaches all over my head. My college is about to start and i dont know how i will study there and thinking about this thing is getting me panicked. Please help, reply as soon as possible.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 19.07.2017 12:11
      Hi Pranjul, have you been to your doctor about this yet? If not, I suggest you go as soon as you are able. They should hopefully be able to examine you and help determine what is going on here. I think you also must discuss how stressed and down you feel as a result of this too and that you need some answers.


  • Laura Suermann's photo avatar
    Laura Suermann — 13.07.2017 16:03
    I have had a bad headache now for almost 5 weeks. My neck and shoulders ARE sore but that subsides somewhat, however the headache remains. I've been checked by Neuro, ENT and primary even called rheumatologist, all just say a "fibro" headache. Would this type of headache last this long and decrease and increase in pain level? Just trying to find some relief! Thanks.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 13.07.2017 17:38
      Hello Laura Heaches arising from tension in the neck or upper back can persist so long as the tension does, so while you may have days where the tension isn't aggravated to the extent where you feel muscle pain in these areas, it doesn't follow that the tension has disappeared. Your best remedy would be a physical therapy, such as massage or chiropractic.


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