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The circulatory system is vital for transporting blood around the body, providing oxygen and nutrients while removing waste products like carbon dioxide. Here at A.Vogel Talks Circulation, our circulation advisor Helen Cosgrove provides all the information you need about circulation, covering topics such as memory loss, tinnitus, Raynaud's syndrome and varicose veins.


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  • Anna's photo avatar
    Anna — 11.07.2018 23:26
    Im suffer from leg cramp,tingling and tight muscles very uncomfortable


    • Helen's photo avatar
      Helen — 16.07.2018 11:55
      Hi Anna, I hope the information on this page is beneficial to you. You could try a magnesium supplement to relax muscles and aid cramps and a Vit B complex can be used to support the nervous system to see if this helps to reduce symptoms. However, do get your symptoms checked out by your GP to clarify the situation. Take care.


  • Peggy's photo avatar
    Peggy — 29.06.2018 09:59
    What about leg and ankle swelling due to lymphatic system not draining properly? Nothing cancerous and definitely not the vascular system or varicose veins; all given all clear by consultants. Any alternative therapy suggestions on self care to reduce swelling?


    • Helen Cosgrove's photo avatar
      Helen Cosgrove — 29.06.2018 10:55
      Hello Peggy, You could check locally for a massage therapist to provide a manual lymphatic drainage massage. They could offer you take home self help tips, as it is important to keep the flow of lymph moving. The A Vogel Calendula Complex is a lymph cleansing remedy (we recommend that you start gently with this remedy). It is good that you have had symptoms checked out by the GP for other health conditions. Try to drink plenty of plain water through the day, as dehydration can compound your symptoms. I hope this helps.


    • Peggy's photo avatar
      Peggy — 02.07.2018 09:03
      Thank you Helen. I bought a mini massager to use on my legs as well as dry brushing gently. I also do try various leg/foot exercises on this site. What side effects are there for the calendula. I am already taking the gingko tincture.


    • Helen's photo avatar
      Helen — 02.07.2018 09:03
      Thanks for letting me know. There are no known side effects reported with Calendula Complex, as it is a lymph cleanse and used for detoxification, the dosage is 10 to 20 drops, in a little water twice daily. So start off at 10 drops, to see how you get on and you can always build up, that is the beauty with tinctures. The remedy is fine to take along with Gingko biloba herbal remedy to aid circulation. Best wishes


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As the A. Vogel Circulation advisor, I recommend Gingko biloba tablets to help maintain a healthy circulation.

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