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28 June 2012

Go with the flow...

We all know we have a circulatory system, but we may not be so aware of the various different parts of it.

The microcirculation is the bit between the veins and the arteries, and whilst blood is flowing through this part it feeds oxygen and other nutrients to the surrounding tissues and organs. The microcirculation is therefore pretty vital and if it’s in poor shape we are more likely to suffer from such ailments as memory loss, tiredness, cold hands and feet, chilblains, etc.

Research carried out on A.Vogel’s Ginkgo biloba tablets showed very clearly the role that Ginkgo plays in improving the microcirculation and thus relieving a raft of common symptoms.

The research looked at patients of 60-70 years old, as this is the age group worst affected by poor microcirculation, experiencing all sorts of symptoms such as problems with memory, concentration, fatigue, and general feeling of not being able to cope as well as previously. Their microcirculation was assessed at the start of the trial and then at various points for 30 days.

It was seen that blood flow through the capillaries increased, and a number of unused capillaries opened up over the 30 days. The increase was actually apparent even after just10 days.

Another element looked at was the rate of blood flow in the small veins. By Day 30, this had dramatically improved.

The positive result on red blood cells was not the only thing identified. Due to the improved blood flow, the number of white blood cells in circulation increased. White blood cells will leave the circulation if it’s stagnant, and this has implications for immune function, as white blood cells identify and kill off bugs that get into the body. Improving the flow of blood to outlying areas will therefore also improve the ability of the immune system to do its job tracking and killing bugs.

All in all, the research showed decisively how effective Ginkgo is at increasing the efficiency of the circulatory system.


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