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Nausea, appetite loss and indigestion

Indigestion can lead to loss of your normal appetite and nausea


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  • McCollins's photo avatar
    McCollins — 05.04.2018 21:37
    Thanks for this opportunity. In the last three days In have noticed indigestion in my system with a very severe chest and upper back pain with accompanying sharp pain in my upper abdominal region. When I eat, I feel pain and can't use the toilet except I force myself to. When I do, I manage to dedicate very little tiny-like waste. What kind of food, medication a d advice do you have? Please, I find it difficult to eat out of fear of bloating. Thanks.


    • Ali's photo avatar
      Ali — 09.04.2018 12:44
      This sounds extremely unpleasant and the first step is to consult with your doctor and get tests for obvious issues such as obstructions and infestations such as H. pylori. Once you have a diagnosis then the various options can be considered. Best Wishes, Ali


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As the A.Vogel Digestion advisor, I use Digestisan and Silicol® gel to help manage indigestion and Biotta Potato Juice as part of an alkaline diet.

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Did you know?

Although burping is typically triggered by indigestion, there are many other causes attributed to the bodily function, including ill-fitting dentures or even depression!

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