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Headaches and fibromyalgia

Headaches can affect up to 70% of fibromyalgia sufferers and can exaggerate other fibromyalgia symptoms


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  • valerie bullis-king's photo avatar
    valerie bullis-king — 21.04.2017 21:51
    i have been diagnosed with function dissociative neurological disorder i have very bad headaches and suffer with a lot of joint pain not matter what i take it just takes the edge off is this connect to fibromyalgia thank you ....


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 24.04.2017 08:26
      Hello Valerie I've not heard of the two conditions being associated, though clearly there is a fair degree of overlapping symptoms. Both fibromyalgia and F(d)ND can be helped by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which would further muddy the distinction but the CBT benefits very different aspects of each - pain management in FB and previous psychological issues that act as triggers in F(d)ND, so again, more overlap, but more difference emerge in the detail. For the physical pain, physiotherapy is regard as the best researched therapy. This is available for free via your Doctor, so worth asking for if you've not been offered it yet.


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Women are more prone to fibromyalia than men! It is estimated that 90% of those with the condition are female.

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