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Knee pain

Pain in your knee can arise from a variety of problems.

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  • John's photo avatar
    John — 01.04.2017 13:16
    I have had a knee replacement and I am in severe pain had a scan since surgeon says op was successfull but does not say why I am getting the severe pain in fact now I cannot walk


    • John's photo avatar
      John — 01.04.2017 14:16
      Further to previous re knee replacement failure pain is an raw burning sensation


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 03.04.2017 09:33
      Hello John You'll need to consider the average length of recovery time from such surgery, ask if physiotherapy is available and think about whether anything else could be aggravating the knee, as outlined in this article (flat arch, inward rolling ankles etc).


    • layla's photo avatar
      layla — 23.04.2017 20:22
      hi I'm on morphine but really in great pain will try anything and vit b high dosages helps


  • Lorna Murray.'s photo avatar
    Lorna Murray. — 30.03.2017 21:37
    I have constant pain in my knee cap. I was told there is a small tear in the knee cap, this was all supposed to do with my weight, however I have lost 9 stone,, with about another 4 roughly to go. I had to lift other heavy things when younger, and using my left knee to get that item, where I needed it. I am concerned that the pain is still there, even although I have lost so much weight. I find it hard to bend walk on etc. GP says I need to weight, till I have lost the rest of my weight. Please am concerned, should I be doing anything else? or seeing a medic. I am working with my physio, on different exercises, we lay of knee exercises, to allow it to recover. Recovers for a while, but can be as bad as ever again.Please do reply.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 31.03.2017 08:26
      Hello Lorna Tears in tendons can take years to develop, so your recent weight loss could have little to do with the injury. You'll be less likely to suffer more in the future though. However, weight isn't the only factor, as if the knee isn't tracking perfectly there will always be a tendency towards wear and tear. Simply put, your patella (knee) tendon should run cleanly through its path, rather like a rope passing cleanly through a drainpipe. If the ankles roll inwards or you have a flat arch in the foot, or you have wider hips, the 'rope' passes through the drainpipe at an angle, hence the wear and tear as it frays. Your physio should be looking at the alignment and health of your feet, ankles and hips in order to protect the health of your knees.


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