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Knee pain

Pain in your knee can arise from a variety of problems.


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  • Adam 's photo avatar
    Adam — 03.01.2018 18:59
    Hi, I’m a 36 male, am a plumber so on my knees a lot. My knees often give out small clicks. Also when I’m kneeling for a while and go to get up it takes a while before I feel I can stand up straight almost like ceasing/stiff knees. I feel is slowly got worse over last 3 years. I havnt got any advice what so ever so far.


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 04.01.2018 08:54
      Hello Adam Clicking in the knees is due to either air bubbles popping due to pressure changes as you stand from a kneeling position, tendons or ligaments ‘catching’ a bony lump and snapping into place or tendon or ligament tears of which a common example is a meniscus tear. The pooping is harmless, the catching will probably result in wear issues in years to come and the torn tissue can require surgery but you’d know if you had that because you’d be in a lot of pain. Three things to do to protect your knees are: drink lots of water to keep them hydrated, take some glucosamine sulphate daily (Natures Aid and Lamberts make good quality ones at a good price) and use a mat. The stiffness after kneeling is caused by the incredibly strong Patellar tendon - on which your kneecap is mounted - pulling the joint out of place while fully extended (it doesn’t stretch so something else has to move).


  • paul hodkinson 's photo avatar
    paul hodkinson — 27.12.2017 10:24
    is cartlidge in the knee painful common in teenagers will it sort itself out


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 28.12.2017 10:20
      Hello Paul, Knee pain can be common in teenagers especially if it is due to sports stress, injury, overuse or it may be due to slight imbalance in the muscles around the knee. Avoid strenuous exercise to help ease symptoms and Physiotherapy can be beneficial. However, it is best to get it identified by the GP, if treatment to help is not working.


  • Sofia Lutonadio 's photo avatar
    Sofia Lutonadio — 24.12.2017 13:46
    I feel an incrutiating sharp pain in my knee. It was okay before buh as the days go by, it's getting worse and worse. It's on the side of my knees. Some things it'll be fine like walking but when I try to sit down, the pain is very hard. Could I please get some advice on this situation?


    • Earle's photo avatar
      Earle — 28.12.2017 10:12
      Hello Sofia, I am afraid it is very difficult to know what is going on and it would be a good idea to get this pain checked out by the doctor. In the meantime, you could apply some Atrogel Arnica gel topically to see if it helps to the edge off the pain.


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