10 cool tips for a sweat 'less' summer

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16 June 2015

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is a natural process which helps to regulate the body’s temperature (think of it as your body’s air conditioning system), so it’s even more important when the weather is hot.  As well as its cooling function, sweating also helps to cleanse the skin and remove toxins from the body, so although it gets a bit of a negative reaction, it’s actually very positive for your body.

Even though it’s natural and your body needs it, that doesn’t stop it from making you feel embarrassed, uncomfortable and self conscious, especially during the warmer months.


Help your body deal with the heat and keep your sweating under control this summer with these simple tips…

1. Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Did you know sweat doesn’t actually smell? It’s the combination of sweat and bacteria on your skin which makes things go a bit whiffy!

Deodorants are effective in covering up the smell; but they don’t actually help with sweating, whereas antiperspirants contain chemicals to stop perspiration. Many people find using a combination of the two helps to keep them fresher for longer.

What about the dangers of using antiperspirants? Those chemicals in antiperspirants which help to stop you sweat are actually the things that many people worry about!

Not only do antiperspirants block pores, which stops the body eliminating toxins, several studies have suggested that the chemicals in antiperspirants, including aluminium, can adversely affect our health when absorbed into the skin, especially if the skin is nicked or irritated which can often occur during shaving. No wonder people are worried, especially since we use them every day, even several times a day!

For those looking for a natural alternative, a crystal deodorant is a good option. Mineral salts are a natural deodorant and inhibit the formation of body odour on your skin, providing you with long lasting protection.

The brand I use myself and highly recommend is Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorants, they have crystal sticks, sprays and even a lovely new vanilla and lavender fragrance spray called Pure Aura.

2. Make your own deodorant

Another natural option to help you stay fresh is lemons and baking soda. The citric acid of lemons can help to kill the odour-producing bacterial, whilst baking soda helps to counteract the acid in your sweat and helps to reduce excessive sweating.

To use, apply a light dusting of baking soda to your underarms or rub lemon juice into them.

3. Get your summer wardrobe right

Who else has a summer or winter wardrobe which is packed away in suitcases when they are not in season? Hopefully it’s not just me! I recently unpacked my summer wardrobe of strappy tops, shorts, skirts and dresses, and packed away my winter jumpers and jackets, but what is most noticeable about unpacking these clothes, isn’t the type but rather the material!

In the summer we naturally navigate to lighter, looser, softer clothes and with good reason. Natural fabric such as cotton, linen, hemp and silk are breathable material that allows air to circulate around your body better which helps reduce the risk of excessive sweating. These fibres also absorb sweat better.

So when you’re shopping for your summer wardrobe, remember to opt for breathable, natural fibre clothing and loose fitting clothes where possible.

4. Foods & drinks to avoid & those that can help

Certain foods and drinks can make you sweat more such as coffee, alcohol, garlic, onions, and processed sugary and spicy foods. These foods can trigger your sweat glands, so best to be avoided if possible.

Tomato juice and grapes are great for keeping you cool and reducing sweat. Both are loaded with antioxidants, that help get rid of nasty toxins which can cause you to sweat more. They also help to cool your body down naturally, preventing it from overheating and sweating more by regulating your body temperature.

Tip: Instead of reaching for sugar-packed ice lollies this summer to keep you cool, try freezing grapes and eating them when you need a cooling and refreshing treat. You will be surprised how good they are!

5. De-stress to sweat less

Stress and anxiety are known to trigger your sweat glands so it’s important to stay calm to help your body stay cool. Breathing exercises, yoga and some calming herbs such as Avena sativa and Hypericum or a relaxing flower essence, can help to keep you stress and sweat free. To help ease stress and anxiety pop over to A.Vogel Talks Mental Wellbeing for lots of helpful tips and advice.

6. Some more water please

Make sure you drink plenty of plain cool water, especially when it’s hot. Remember that when you sweat you lose vital hydration, so you need to make sure you replenish this water to avoid dehydration.

Drinking cool water also helps to regulate your body’s temperature, which controls the amount you sweat. Refreshing fruit drinks are also a good way to keep cool, which is why so many people love to drink smoothies and fruit juices in the summer.

Try these great summer drinks to keep your cool this summer:

Pomegranate Perfection

Pineapple Smoothie

Banana & Kiwi Smoothie

Banana & Apple Smoothie

For even more refreshing and tasty smoothie recipes, visit Eat Healthy With A.Vogel.

7. Sage isn’t just for menopausal women!

The popular herb Sage is well know by many menopausal women as one of the best natural remedies for treating excessive sweating, night sweats and hot flushes, but it’s not just for during the menopause. If you feel like you are perspiring more than usual this summer or excessively, try taking a fresh herb Sage supplement to help control your sweating.

8. A weighty issue

Body fat acts as an insulator and raises the internal body temperature, making overweight people more prone to excessive sweating. Therefore, losing some extra body fat could help to reduce sweating. Check out some of our healthy recipes and exercise videos for some tips to get your started.

9. Waterproof make-up

No one likes that melting-face look which is why it’s a good idea to invest in some summer proof make-up. When its warmer try to avoid wearing heavy foundations (BB creams are a good choice during summer) and try using a primer as this will help your make-up stay on your skin a little longer. A good idea to avoid that cakey look is to swap your powder (which doesn’t react well to the heat) for creams, such as cream blushers and cream eye shadows.

Try using water-resistant products such as waterproof mascara and eye liner as they will withstand your summer sweating better. To avoid that shiny, oily look brought on by sweating during summer, try using some blotting paper. I always try to keep a pack in my bag to blot away excess oil and shine when needed.

10. Shave regularly

Sweat accumulates around hair and this can lead to bacteria growing which creates that odour you want to avoid. So ladies, it’s a good idea to try to shave your underarms as regularly as possible, but be careful to avoid irritating your skin.

Some other cool summer tips:

  • Carry a mini fan with you to help keep you cool
  • Take cold showers & avoid hot baths
  • To sleep better keep your bedroom cool by shutting your blinds and curtains during the day
  • Running your wrists under a cold tap for five seconds it helps to keep you cool and lower your body temperature
  • I read a great tip recently which I plan to try this summer. Put your sheets in a plastic bag and stick them in the fridge a couple of hours before going to bed, so your bed is nice and cool, instead of hot and uncomfortable.
  • Keep a spray bottle with water in the fridge and spray it on your face when you need a refreshing boost.

What good tips do you have for staying cool and ‘sweat-free’ when the weather is warm? I would love to hear them. Share them in the comment section below….


Annmarie is passionate about motivating and inspiring others to eat well, feel great and be healthy! From natural health and wellbeing to herbal remedies, she enjoys exploring new ways of improving lifestyle through healthy choices. In addition, she regularly blogs about simple body care, green beauty tips and home remedies.

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